Marcus Major
From the second he looks at you, youíre totally under his spell. This Fort Lauderdale native stands at nearly six feet but keeps his body at a tight, sexy 176 pounds with training in various martial arts and a daily 5k. He owns the night with his eight and a half inch cut meat monster and the most BEAUTIFUL ass in all of existence. No kidding. When you see it...let me stop. Itís amazing that while only twenty years old Marcus Major has all the ASSets to be the next big thing in the business, he has higher aspirations for that gorgeous grill of his as I found out when I sat down with him.

Tyson Kobie
Tyson Kobie is a deliciously smooth golden brown skinned thugís thug out of Seattle, Washington. With his hairless baby face, washboard abs and chiseled pecs accented with nipples that seem more like irresistible chocolate chips, this sexy young brother is on a mission to become one of the biggest porn stars ever. Although he is naturally straight, he is an extremely mature 19-year-old with a solid 5í9Ē frame and a good nine inches of thick caramel brown dick. And Tyson Kobie is willing to fuck whoever dares to lie down in front of him. Man or woman.

DeAngelo Jackson
NíTice coming to you once again from beautiful M.I.A. As always Iím checking for the sexiest brothas on the planet and I think I may have found him in DeAngelo Jackson. Born in Germany, his sexy body and gorgeous track back are only overshadowed by his beautiful 7.5Ē cut monster dick. I happened to spot him working out down on the beach and approached him about coming in for some photos. He was all smiles and later that same day DeAngelo strolled into the Flava Works office with those perfect pearly whites showing, ready to get to business. After an AMAZING two hour photo shoot, I finally got the chance to sit down with him, but my mind was HARDLY on the interview.


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